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Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist                                                                                                                                          

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner
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Focusing is a Skill which can be
  • taught,
  • learned and
  • used for a lifetime
to help you move forward in your life.
Focusing is a Process of
  • gently bringing your attention to your inner experience
  • paying careful attention and patiently listening to all that is held inside:  
    • past experience,
    • current experience and
Focusing is a Process of
  • releasing that POSSIBILITY
  • with a SENSE OF DEEP INNER KNOWING of what the
  • RIGHT NEXT STEP is for you.
Focusing is a Practice of honoring your inner self, which makes possible moving forward in life with fresh energy and joy  . . . .


Focusing emerged from research that philosopher Eugene Gendlin conducted in the 1960's and 70's in the psychotherapy clinic of Carl Rogers at the University of Chicago.  He discovered that a patient's improvement during the process of psychotherapy was not dependent upon the personality of the therapist nor the methods employed, not even on the content of the sessions.  Rather, improvement depended upon the patient's innate ability to stop and notice what was really going on inside

And even more important, he determined that this crucial inner process of focusing attention on one's inner experiencing self could be taught and learned.  He has documented this process in his book FOCUSING, published in 1978.    To learn more, visit

If you would like an introduction to Focusing on a one-to-one basis, please give me a call.   We can work out a format that fits for you - two or three 1-hour sessions, or one longer session.  We can discuss fee at the time of your call. 

Most often the focusing that I teach is integrated into the process of therapy.    Focusing flows naturally from wanting and needing to touch your inner life in a fresh way, to take a further step in your growth. 

Also, please consider coming to a meeting of NY Metro Focusing, a gathering of local focusers which welcomes newcomers.  It's a good place to get started.  To learn more about NY Metro Focusing,

For an appointment call me at 917-757-3873 or
email me at

Psychotherapy in New York City
Focusing and Bach Flowers
Located in Downtown Manhattan in  the Wall St/Financial area, and serving all of New York City and nearby New Jersey.  Convenient to zipcodes 10038, 10005, 10004, 10006, 10007, 10012, 10013, 10014 and all forms of public transportation.
Cynthia Callsen, LCSW, DCSW
Financial District
New York, NY 
email:  cynthia@cynthiacallsencom
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