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Bach Flowers






Bach Flowers are homeopathic remedies which gently help people with difficult emotional states, behavior patterns, and personality traits. 

Used alone or in conjunction with psychotherapy, Bach Flowers support the process of discovery and moving forward by helping on an energetic level to release stuck places.  They are a wonderful partner to the process of Focusing as both aid  developing the capacity to listen to your inner voice and live closer to your true nature.

The 37 Flower remedies help with such issues as
  • anger and resentment
  • guilt and self doubt
  • depression
  • anxiety, panic, and fears
  • impatience and procrastination
  • obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors
  • envy, jealousy, and lack of self confidence
  • difficulty making decisions. 
They support processes of change, letting go of the past or escaping into daydreams.  A 38th remedy - Rescue Remedy, a combination of 5 flowers - is a very popular stress remedy.  These are just some of the ways Bach Flowers can be helpful.

They contain no organic matter so are non-allergenic and do not interact with other medications.  They are completely safe.

Bach Flowers are gentle and subtle, yet powerful in their capacity to bring about change.


Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936 was a British physician and homeopath who pursued his passion to find the underlying cause of disease.  Over time he came to believe that disease develops when we do not live true to our natures and instead live according to the expectations of others, from a place of fear, depression, or anxiety, or are ruled by our passions or insensitivities.

He was a keen observer of people and identified the emotional states and personality traits which interfere with living in harmony with our souls.  Because of his exquisitely sensitive nature, he was then able to identify flowers with corresponding energy to heal these disturbed states of being  to release their  positive potential. 

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You can arrange a Bach Flower consultation and assessment with me fully independent of entering into psychotherapy.  The initial consultation usually takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours, and the fee (discussed at the time of your call) includes preparation of your remedy treatment bottle. 

Briefer follow-up appointments usually occur every 3-4 weeks, when a new combination of remedies is chosen to reflect the progress that has been made and anything new that has emerged. 

If you choose, you may incorporate Bach Flowers into your psychotherapy with me or with another therapist.

However you choose to proceed, you will be astonished at the subtle yet powerful effects of this gentle and safe treatment.

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